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My professional goal is to design effective, user-centered digital experiences that inform, engage and delight.

Why you should hire me

Self promotion.

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A sketch note I made based on this article: Specialists Versus Generalists: A False Dichotomy?

I’m pleased to announce I just joined the Alien Nation as a full-time Visual Designer for Product Marketing at AlienVault.

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I have 10+ years of professional visual design and web production experience. This includes designing and delivering graphic and html assets for the web to developers, marketing, and sales teams under tight deadlines. I’m also adept at sketching, wireframes, and more recently rapid prototyping. I have good HTML and CSS skills, and a strong familiarity with responsive web design.

Providing a consistent, user-friendly, and effective brand experience for people using products or services is my most important goal. I’m passionate about creating designs for products and services that enrich people’s lives, so they can get info they need, do what they need to do with it easily, and enjoy the experience.

As a good collaborator, I thrive in a team. I’m helpful, resourceful, and share info or tips with co-workers and clients. I can anticipate how decisions are made and the project constraints. I won’t hesitate to give feedback, suggest improvements or teach others what I know. My managers and co-workers say that I’m very thorough with my work and responsive in my communication.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking photos, attending design and science talks, collecting music and creative or geeky t-shirts, playing the guitar, watching sci-fi shows, exploring the coast, and going stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. Music is my fuel.

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