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Favorite Music of 2016

I’m late with the list this year, but that didn’t mean the music was worse than previous years. The opposite is true. My playlist is well over 200 songs. The concert highlight was Fitz and the Tantrums live. I dare you not to dance or shake part of your body while listening to their indie pop/neo soul tunes. Their self titled album is my album of the year, along with Panic at the Disco’s “The Death of a Bachelor,” which is full of catchy dance rock melodies. Happy listening!

Favorite Music of 2015

It’s difficult to distinguish one year as having the best music. Every year I’m impressed with the amount of catchy tunes. Concert highlights included my first time seeing Florence + the Machine and Joywave. Bonus points if you can list which 80s new wave synthpop group’s song was sampled in Clairity’s song "Velcro." I listed out songs below the Spotify playlist to to hear on YouTube or search for in your streaming service of choice. Happy listening!

Favorite Music of 2014

Ooo, I barely made it by the end of the year… Music listening and listing can go on forever, and there is more to hear, but I found plenty of great tunes. I didn’t have time to make Soundcloud or Rdio lists, but I listed out songs below the playlist to search for in your streaming service of choice. Spotify playlist below.

Favorite Music of 2013

So many good tunes again. Over 150 songs on the playlists at the bottom. My Fave Albums of 2013 are on Amazon. Happy listening!

Favorite Music of 2012

Year after year, I’m surprised by how many enjoyable songs there are. I listened to a lot of music in 2012 and discovered more goodies in December alone. I posted each song as a list first in order to appreciate each one.

Favorite Music of 2011

I found plenty of songs I loved this year. I couldn’t stop at 50-ish, so here’s a list of 100 songs that I didn’t get tired of hearing. As usual, most are indie rock and electronic artists that need more attention.