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Clean Up Our Beaches – A UX Case Study

CUOB Home Design
CUOB Quick Tips Design
CUOB Resources Design
CUOB Styleguide for Presentation
The research:
The Problem
Contextual Inquiry
Contextual Research Summary
Topline Summary
Competitive Analysis
Content Strategy - what do users want
Customer Journey Map stickies
Customer Journey Map
Wireframes - Home
Wireframes - Quick Tips
User Flow
Litter on our beaches is a problem that effects our quality of life. The goal of this project is to educate people about the effects of litter on our beaches by bringing awareness and sharing tips to prevent it. Encouraging or motivating people to make better choices and clean up litter will decrease the amount of litter on beaches.

The final product is a high-fidelity website prototype with articles, tips, resources that people can share on social media. The users are anyone who wants to make a difference doing good for the environment and humanity. The site would give people ideas on ways to decrease litter and efficiently clean it up.

The questionnaire used in the Contextual Inquiry research dealt with the issue of litter on beaches and people’s experience with it. I had a great interview with one person on Ocean Beach and will post that transcript soon. The documents shown in these slide screens are the Contextual Inquiry and research, Topline Summary, Competitive Analysis, some Content Strategy, Personas, Customer Journey Map, Storyboards, Wireframes, User Flow, and some Minimum Viable Product (MVP) iterations.

Role: User research, UX, UI, interaction design, web design

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